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It's something I have never seen before ! It's unique!" 

Valerie Smaldone, radio host of "Bagels and Broadway with Valerie Smaldone" on AM 970 the Answer

"A Divine & Transformative Work of Art"






Theatre critic Griffin Miller, City Guide NY / The New York Times writes:

...This wildly inventive show—involving singing, dancing, time-travel, film, and a symphonic soundtrack—beckons theatregoers to the underbelly of Nuevo Entertainment. This rare piece of visual and audio creativity was written, composed, designed, and choreographed by the Indiggo Twins—Mihaela and Gabriela Mordorcea. Based on their 500-page bestseller Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil, the musical turns the tables on tradition by telling “the story of a vampire bitten by a human being. Go for the glam, but stay for the supernatural ambience, unique staging, and, of course, the performances: immortal."


"It's something I have never seen before ! It's a unique project !" 

Valerie Smaldone, 5-time Billboard magazine award-winner, #1 on-air position in the New York radio market; radio host of "Bagels and Broadway with Valerie Smaldone" on AM 970 the Answer


"A thrilling and sexy musical that takes your breath away…"  NY Post, Michael Riedel

"The twins put the super in supernatural" Theatre Critic Jen Bush 


"It is the musical to see." Zachary Stewart, Theater Mania


“A Transformative Work of Art” Today Tix, Weird and Wonderful in NYC

"Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea are The Renaissance women of entertainment. They hail from a lineage of intellect and artistic prowess. Their father Grid is a writer, filmmaker and critic. Their mother Violeta is also a writer. They studied a multitude of arts including dance and musical instruments at a young age." Words4Music 

"Go see WICKED CLONE now before it becomes a Hamilton kind of thing, where you would have to pay a lot more....." Eli Marcus, President Davler Media