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WICKED CLONE or how to deal with the evil

      The Cinema Musical


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A new original genre, WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL is an immersive blend of musical theatre and film, a multi-dimensional show about the greatness and immortality of the human being.


“A rare piece of audio and video creativity” (City Guide NY),  this “wildly inventive show” unites people of all cultures, religions, colors and backgrounds, helping them to overcome their “wicked clone” (envy, ego, past, fears) and to become aware of their Inspiration and godly power of creation.


From September 2017 Mihaela and Gabriela have been performing "Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical" 5, 6 times a week in the Times Square district at the Davenport Theatre, St. Luke’s Theatre, the American Theatre of Actors and most recently at The Black Box Theatre of Live Nation as seen and heard on FOX TV, Broadway World TV, Am 970, etc. 


Penned in a Shakespearean style and part of the WICKED CLONE Franchise, Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical is created, written, composed, orchestrated, choreographed, costume-designed and performed by “The Modern Renaissance Women of Entertainment” INDIGGO Twins - Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea - “sexy and thrilling” identical twins born in Transylvania. (Michael Riedel, New York Post)


Based on the 500-page magic realist cinema novel “Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil” written by Mihaela Modorcea (the 5 minute older twin sister), an Art bestseller on Barnes & Noble, Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical "involves singing, dancing, time-travel, film, and a symphonic soundtrack—that beckons theatregoers to the underbelly of Nuevo Entertainment.” (City Guide NY)


Featuring an epic film from beginning to end, depicting 15th century Transylvania to modern-day NYC (and beyond), and 25 original compositions released with Broadway Records, Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical has been inspiring beatific audiences from 5 to 100 years old to follow their greatest purpose in life.


The heroes of the play - Mihaela and Gabriela (Vlad’s twin daughters) - come out of the screen, performing in front of it and interacting with seven characters from the film that runs on a huge special cinema screen mounted on stage.


The twins also interact with the audience who becomes the main hero of Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical.


“Go for the glam, but stay for the supernatural ambience, unique staging, and, of course, the performances: immortal.” – Griffin Miller, Theatre Editor, City Guide NY 



Buy the album authographed by the very indiggo Twins:


   Buy the novel that has inspired the off Broadway cinema musical:


WATCH the INTERVIEW WITH BROADWAY WORLD TV and find out more about the story of Wicked Clone:

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