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"New Life in You" by Indiggo Twins
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"Modern Renaissance Women of Entertainment" identical twins
Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea aka Indiggo Twins are Grammy-winning composers, singers
(feat. and credited on 4 X Grammy-winning album WATCH THE THRONE)
professional actors, bestselling authors, dancers, choreographers, creators of
a franchise and Off Broadway cinematic musical that has inspired hundreds of hearts to reach their greatest destiny in God and conquer their "wicked clone".
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Latest NEWS 

AntiVirus Album CHURCH OF LOVE Release Show & Birthday celebration

June 7 2 pm (Indiggo Twins' birthday) Off Broadway @ Triad Theater NYC (158 W 72nd St.) celebrate the release of their Anti-Virus Anti-Hatred Anti-Violence Pop-Symphonic Album CHURCH OF LOVE –an album that unites the world into ONE SPIRIT– & a story of spiritual rebirth:

“Let’s go to the Church of Love. Jewish, Christians, Muslim are all one. There is no hatred - One Love, One God!”

Featuring powerful Holy-spirited compositions Church of Love, God Didn't Come for the Perfect, Say a Prayer, Christ is Risen, Alelluia!, I will Never Die, I am Like God filled with divine protection, Love and Faith and a divine & transformative story about spiritual rebirth!

There are anthems of solidarity, antidotes against any virus and fear!


Thursday April 30, 7 PM @ Triad Theater (158 W 72nd St. NYC)

Thursday April 30 7PM off Broadway @ TRIAD Theater NYC (158 W 72nd St.)

Celebrate Your Resurrection in Him!  


Archangels of Love - Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea aka Indiggo Twins (Grammy-winning singers, composers, authors, dancers) will teach you how to get reborn this spring,

bloom into Your Greatest Self!

This is not a religious show but an intimate, divine experience that transforms your heart 

& fills it with everlasting joy!

Feat. original Holy-Spirited Songs, fairy-like Dance & Poems about His unconditional Love!







Special Valentine's Show February 15 7 pm

FEBRUARY 15th 7 pm at the Duplex Theatre on 61 Crisptopher Street NYC  (home of Woody Allen, Barbra Sterisand) “The Renaissance Women of Entertainment” – Indiggo Twins – Grammy-winning singers, composers, authors, performers and creators of the off Broadway Hit “WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL” ( will take you to the love & spiritual realms of St. Valentine with a divine theatrical performance about their LOVE JOURNEY featuring new love-compositions, in first audition, their original love poems as well as their well-known songs.


Tickets: $25

Running time: 60'



Join the Art Show of "Wicked Clone" - 90 min Performance & Paintings Exhibition

November 21 & November 23 7 pm

Celebrate with us Thanksgiving in a unique artistic style at the Salomon Arts Gallery, Thursday November 21 7 pm & Saturday November 23 7 pm on 83 Leonard St, 4th Floor. Featuring 90-min performance of long-running Off Broadway WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL & Paintings Exhibition by Mihaela Modorcea

Written, composed, arranged, designed, choreograpged & performed by Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea aka Indiggo Twins


Paintings & painted costumes by Mihaela Modorcea


Running time: 90'


Limited seating. $30

Broadway World TV: Meet the Indiggo Twins of Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical

On October 30, 'the modern Renaissance Women of Entertainment' INDIGGO TWINS- Grammy-winning singers/songwriters, bestselling authors and identical twin actresses- are coming back to Playboy Club NYC with WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL, the twins' long-running off Broadway Musical.






Experience your rebirth with 25 Holy-Spirited epic compositions written, arranged, produced by "Modern Renaissance" Indiggo Twins from the Off Broadway hit WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL - an immersive blend of film and musical theatre from 15th century Transylvania to modern-day NEW York, from the tunnels of Lucifer to the head of God and back to your heart! 




Shop Now the art bestselling franchise WICKED CLONE by Indiggo Twins

The 500-page magic realist novel "Wicked Clone or How to Deal with the Evil," a #1 Art bestseller on B&, is now available for purchase in Ebook and Paperback formats together with the poetry book, the Off Broadway hit cinema play and the cast album of 25 "immortal" songs released with Broadway Records all written, composed, arranged, produced by "Renaissance women of Entertainment" Indiggo Twins! Get your copies now and experience their magic transform your heart! 

​Complex Magazine ranks Indiggo Twins #18 among best white vocals in rap history for their rendition on  Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Murder to Excellence" (La La La) 
Album: Watch The Throne, Producer: Swizz Beatz, S1

The identical twin sisters who comprise The Indiggo Twins probably had no idea that one day they'd land on a track by Jay-Z and Kanye West. But they did. Leave it to Swizz Beatz to find the tribal pop track and sample the opening "La La La" for "Murder to Excellence." With Swizz's reworking of the line, the sample becomes haunting as The Throne discuss the rise in murder rates coupled with black on black crime.

Sample: The Indiggo Twins "La La La" (2009)

Power Dance by Indiggo Twins

Join us for one-hour of graceful, artistic and upbeat choreography featuring bellydance, hip hop, ballet and lyrical moves that shape you into the best you! Every Tuesday 8:15 pm at TMPL Gym Hell's Kitchen (355 W 49th St, NYC), Saturday 12 pm and Monday at 7:30 pm at the Pine Street ELite NYSC (70 Pine Street NYC)

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