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"Wicked Clone or how to get reborn" (172 pages) is a book of poetry about rebirth, love, agony, temptations, afflictions and the eternal fight between the good and the evil...that emboldens ourselves to create and to climb to the next level of our lives... Only going through death we learn how good is to be alive. Get your copy and resurrect your power of creation! I would also love to hear from you on my email address:, talk to you about You and your life as well as give you a personalized autograph. Love you, Mihaela Modorcea


  • Why did you give me eyes if I am blind to see your sight?

    Why did you give me mind if I defeat it with my serpent guile?

    Why am I broken into two and let these demons give me fear when Your hands wait to cut them into joyful tears?

    Why do I hide behind the happiness and do not let it cheer?

    Am I a Sisyphus doomed to cry, not satisfied with climbing high, or just a victim luring to hear his own sighs?

    A part of me is training to be a winner, but wicked palms await to turn me into coward sinner.

    Please give me wings to fly above my pain to boil the vanity of keeping bad inside my faith!

    I want to get out of this cage!

    Oh yes, I’m out…

    But why’s the shadow of that sin still haunting me so deep within?


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