Give to talented children in need! 


     Sweetest friend, 


     Our goal this month are the children and the talented orphans who need the support of Artists and great human beings like us. Want to help? Get        The Wicked Clone Novel now, an Art bestseller at Barnes&Noble and give a gift to a child this Christmas. Every purchase is a gift for one child in              need. The Wicked Cline cinema novel is a healing fairy tale about life without ending and youth without aging, an Art bestseller on B& 







      WANT TO REALLY HELP? Donate now and the child will be offered an instrument, tools to support his talent, a book to read, food and clothing.             Wanna join to feed their bodies and souls? DO it NOW and become an angel of God! 








        The "HeartsForArt" Foundation is a non profit Artfoundation founded and created by the multi-talented Grammy nominated        

        Artists Indiggo Twins to support and help gifted children in need! Please help us make their artistic dreams come true.

        Your donations will be invested in buying music instruments and numerous tools that will help their talent.  




        You will be updated about your donation and meet the child that you have been supporting! Click the "Link to the child" button and you

        will receive every detail of your donation! 



         Thank you for being an angel in God and taking care of the Children of the Universe! Love & Peace, Mihaela & Gabriela




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